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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Service Club Collaboration in Hudson

a child in a hoodie and an adult lift a red wheelbarrow up over the bed of a pickup to dump out sticks and brush.  Two other kids are in the background.
Kids participate in clean-up efforts

Shelley Tougas from Hudson joined the Kiwanis Club as part of the library's outreach into the community.  When there, she discovered that Kiwanis has service club opportunities for young people, as well.  Many high schools have a Key Club, which is the Kiwanis offering for high school students.  There is also a K-Kids program for elementary-aged kids.  The local club has been interested in offering this for the past few years but has had a hard time finding a willing partner.  Enter:  Shelley and the Hudson Area Library!

The library provides space and staff time, along with a deep understanding of kids and what they need.  The local Kiwanis club provides some resources, volunteer help, and a long tradition of service.  The group meets monthly to do a project and decide what kinds of projects to do next.  Shelley has had to tame the Kiwanis Club members' zeal for process--the bureaucratic elements of the club--so that they can keep the kids engaged.  Like any partnership, there are compromises and wonderful benefits.  Maybe worth checking into it, if you are looking for a meaningful way to engage with kids and your community!
5 kids wearing gloves and carrying plastic bags and one adult with a wheelbarrow filled with brush walk in a parking lot
clean-up crew

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

We Are Kid Lit Summer Reading List 2019

Book jacket for Bowwow Powwow, green truck with 2 people driving on a rural roadBook jacket for Darius the Great Is Not Okay, backs of two people sitting and looking over a cityBook jacket for Frazzled:  Oridnary Mishaps and Inevitable Catastrophes.  Cartoonish drawing of frazzled-looking girl reaching out to a gray cat

The We Are Kid Lit Collective is dedicated to promoting high quality literature for kids that recognize and celebrate the humanity of Indigenous and People of Color (IPOC).  They created a summer reading list that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and social justice.  It emphasizes IPOC, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ communities.  A great resource for readers' advisory, choosing book discussion books, finding books to feature in programs, and more.  I've expanded my own reading list after looking at the list--maybe you will too!

Teaching Books has created a bunch of resources for working with these books, as well.  Check it out!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Coding Resources to the Rescue!

computer screen with multi-colored coding written on it
Image credit:  Pixabay
If you are like me, you totally get the importance and excitement about coding, but are a little intimidated at the idea of rolling out a coding program in your library.  There are a couple of resources created in Wisconsin to help you with that! 

Most recent, the Youth Services Section of the Wisconsin Library Association has put together 12 Months of Coding, with low tech, medium tech, and high tech programs to teach coding concepts to a variety of ages.   Check it out here, available on the YSS blog!

There is another great resource created by Department of Public Instruction staff, Coding in Wisconsin Public Libraries.  Lots of great resources, guides for programs, and some tips for helping you figure out a great way to wade into coding programming, taking into consideration your own readiness and interest.

What are you doing related to coding?  Anything to share?  We'd love to hear about it.  Send me a note and I'll do a blog post about it!