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Friday, November 9, 2018

Fun Ideas from Ogema

Thanks to Mary and Debbie from Ogema for sharing these great, easy-to-replicate programs!

A spinning prize wheel, with multicolored pie-shaped sections and a pointer, sitting in the the library under a computer table

In October, the library used their brand new prize wheel (made for them by a friend of Mary's) to allow people to spin to win $5 off fines on Ogema materials!  If they landed on a different color, folks could win cheese snacks donated by the farm bureau, or other trinkets the library had on hand.  This was popular!

In November, the library has been soliciting 6-word stories from patrons.  Here is a sampling they have received:

One text. Three Cars. Seven Coffins.
We grew up and not old.
Torched the haystack found the needle.

Surprisingly powerful and poetic!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Life-Sized Candy Land at Ellsworth

Thanks to Jeanne at Ellsworth for this guest blog post!
2 toddlers and their parents walk through the library stacks decorated to look like Candyland, while an older child hands out candy

The Ellsworth Public Library hosted  a Life Size Candy Land game for children on Saturday, October 20th.  We started the game at 1:15, just after our 1 pm closing time.  The players followed a game board set up throughout the library and received treats along the way. The game took players on a meandering journey through the stacks to locations like “Licorice Lagoon,” where they received a Twizzler, "Gummy Hills,” where they received a small bag of Gummy Bears, and “Candy Cane Corner” where they received a peppermint candy. There were a total of seven “treat stops." The last stop was the Candy Castle where children received an official Candy Land scratch ‘n sniff sticker and gift certificates from McDonald's, which were given to the Library after a goodwill donation to the Ronald McDonald fund. 
A candyland castle at the front desk

Taking much of our inspiration from Pinterest, the Library purchased some of the props for each candy location through Amazon and Oriental Trading. Multiple items were also made by teen volunteers during our monthly Teen Maker Meet-Up.  The process of creating the game took several months.  Now that it is completed, the library is planning to offer it again during Christmas Break and possibly  spring break.  The event was advertised as best suited for ages pre-school through 11, with the most enthusiasm coming from the 5-7 year old crowd.   Parents were asked to participate with younger children, and we also had teen volunteers available to help navigate through the game.  Preregistration was required and allowed us to schedule five groups of two-three players for each fifteen minute time slot. This kept things flowing, and we were able to avoid children waiting in line to play.
Participants decorated a paper bag with Halloween stickers and drawings before starting the game to stash their treats along the way.
We attracted about 20 enthusiastic children and 15 adults for our first run of Lifesize Candy Land, and expect interest to grow as we offer the program in the future.