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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

What Do the Doctors Order? MORE PLAY!

toddler playing with foam blocks, small ball, and scarves
A young child enjoying play in Bloomer 
I know I harp on about the importance of play for young children's development, including opportunities for play that is set up with some intention on the part of caregivers.  But it is SO IMPORTANT!  And so under-valued!

I came across this article in the Cap Times, written by pediatrician, librarian, and extraordinary Wisconsinite Dr. Dipesh Navsari.  It draws attention to the importance of play experiences for children, and how crucial it is for kids to have opportunities for play in childcare and school settings. And libraries are perfectly positioned to help with this, too.

Because it is play, many people don't understand the developmental tasks that can best be accomplished by it.  If you have to argue for the importance of early childhood play areas in your library, or if you are trying to figure out the best way to talk to funders, directors, board members, and families about play, take a look at Dr. Navsaria's article, or better yet, at the most recent article on the topic from the American Academy of Pediatrics!

Monday, September 24, 2018

National Book Award Long-List

Check your shelves and your order carts!  Are these books on them?  Several of them have holds on them, I'm guessing that people have seen the news and want to read them!

The Truth as Told by Mason ButtleThe Journey of Little CharlieHey, Kiddo
The Poet XThe Assassination of Brangwain SpurgeWe'll Fly Away
  What the Night Sings
Blood Water PaintA Very Large Expanse of Sea