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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Venn Diagram Boost

Winding down the summer, maybe you need a little boost?

I was chatting with my daughter the other day about someone we both know--I know her because she's a librarian, Alice knows her because she works at another job with her.  We were discussing how much we like this person, and my daughter had a great quote:

In the Venn Diagram that includes Librarians and Super-Awesome People, there's a lot of overlap.

Could be she's biased, since half of her immediate family is currently working as a librarian.  But I think she's on the right track.  Thanks for being super-awesome.

Venn diagram showing lots of overlap between librarians and super-awesome people

Monday, August 20, 2018


chicken finger puppets
Image:  Pixabay
Things are frequently in flux in the IFLS-region, with new directors and new youth services people a regular part of the job.  It keeps things very exciting around here!  But at the end of this summer, we are saying goodbye to two youth services librarians who have been working with kids in IFLS-land for many years.  They were both here before I started my job nearly 14 years ago (by my rough scan of the IFLS map, there are only 4 libraries where the same youth services person is holding down the fort from those days).

Jo Hick from Phillips and Mary Davis from Hudson are both moving on to new adventures this fall.  Let's take a moment to celebrate ALL the story times and other programs; the learning; the playing; the costumes and puppets; the art and science projects; the connections with community members; hugs; relationships with kids, teens, parents, and caregivers; the generous sharing with colleagues; and all the other things that have gone into making remarkable careers for these lovely women.

Consider sending a card or email to cheer them on, or better yet, if you are available to attend open houses in their honor, I hope you will consider it!  Here are the details:

In honor of Mary Davis, join Mary and Baby Bear for cake and conversation at the Hudson Public Library on Tuesday, August 28 from 3-7 pm.

In honor of Jo Hick, come to an open house at the Phillips Public Library that runs from 9-3 on Friday, August 31.