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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

College Admissions Campaign

overhead view of Carleton College campus
My alma mater, Carleton College, busy looking picturesque  (photo credit:  Pixabay)
How much do librarians end up helping college students with the college admissions process?  Most libraries collect materials to help, many provide programs that are relevant.  There's a whole variety of needs out there, and what public libraries do depends on what their community needs.  The most recent issue of School Library  Journal had an article about what school librarians can do to help, with some mention of public libraries, as well.

At any rate, many teens are in the thick of thinking about this, stressing about it, working on it, being pressured about it, or possibly not pursuing it for lack of someone to tell them they could consider it.  In researching something else, I came across the Harvard College College Admissions Campaign.  They are working with other colleges and universities, high schools, and others to promote some pretty amazing goals:

1.  Developing greater concern for others and the common good among high school students

2.  Increasing equity and access for economically disadvantaged students
3.  Reducing excessive achievement pressure

It seems like public librarians might be able to do some things to help achieve these goals, even if it is being aware of resources to share with kids and parents who are freaking out!  Harvard has collected several of these, too.

What do you do about the college admissions process in your library?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Submit a Proposal!

lightning bolt in a darkened sky
Image source:  Pixabay
Just a last reminder:  it's not too late to consider submitting a proposal to the Power Up Conference, to be held in Madison March 28-29, 2019.  This will be the second time the iSchool-sponsored conference on youth services and leadership will be held.  The first time, the conference was terrific--lots of great content, terrific conversations, and unusually tasty food.  People from 20 states attended, it was a great chance to get to know and learn from people from around the country.

Chances are, you have something to share with this audience!  Time is getting short, but you have till August 3 to propose a session at this conference, and each presentation will receive one free registration (a $300 value!).