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Monday, June 18, 2018

Serving Teens with Disabilities Resource

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Image credit:  Pixabay

Many of you know about Renee Grassi, either from her work nationally OR from her terrific workshop for IFLS last year, when she talked about making library programs, particularly the Summer Library Program, more accessible to and inclusive of kids and teens with disabilities.  She's a terrific resource to the library community!  The library system to the west of us (yes, that means in Minnesota), MELSA, recently hosted an in-person workshop with Renee Grassi, Joseph Houlihan and Gao Yang talking specifically about partnerships and services for teens with disabilities.  Here's the cool part:  they recorded it!  It is an hour and a half long, and you could break it up into bits to watch after an exhausting program when you need to accomplish something but don't have the energy to weed the entire picture book collection...

Here's the recording.  And here's the resource MELSA created for librarians about disability awareness.  Both are terrific resources!  Thanks, Minnesota!