Giant Games in Eau Claire

Many thanks to Alisha Green from LEPMPL for sharing this guest post!
a collage of photos, giant tick tack toe, cards, guess who?, jenga
A collage of super-big games created by LEPMPL staff!

The good folks in Eau Claire got to celebrate International Games Week with Giant Games!  We’ve supersized everything including a giant game of cards, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect 4, Tic-Tac-Toe, Memory, Jenga, Chinese Checkers, Yahtzee, Banagrams, and Guess Who? featuring some silly characters our customers might recognize, or hopefully get to know better (not book characters, but silly LEPMPL Youth Services characters). 

Julia Reid and I partnered in planning this program and other than the giant game of Jenga and playing cards (which we borrowed from co-workers) everything was made with cheap materials including boxes, construction paper, tagboard, plastic cups in place of marbles for Chinese Checkers, and plastic plates for the Connect 4 pieces.  We printed off a few more parts and pieces…and voila!  Giant Games Week is ready for play!  (photo collage attached).

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