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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


In a pile of rocks, one in the foreground is heart-shaped
Image from pixabay
November can be kind of a gloomy month, and I tend to spend the hours of 3:30-5:30 pm feeling vaguely anxious because it seems wrong for it to be getting dark so early.  Whatever I might think about the origins of Thanksgiving, I truly appreciate the nudge to really spend some time thinking about what I'm thankful for, and the month of November seems an especially good one to turn my mind to gratitude.  So here's my [incomplete] list of things I am grateful for that are related to my work in and with libraries.

  • I love working with public libraries and librarians because I believe so strongly in what we DO:  provide access to information and ideas, build community, empower families and individuals, and all the other great stuff.
  • I'm happy I get to learn about gorgeous new books (I'm looking at youThe Stuff of Stars!) and that I work with people who also get excited about fantastic books.
  • I love that librarians tend to be extremely generous with each other--especially the librarians in our area!
  • I love having colleagues (and others) and who challenge me to THINK and re-examine my assumptions and ideas, even though that is sometimes uncomfortable.
  • I deeply appreciate the power of a kind word or deed, and I've been the recipient of many in the course of my work life!
  • I appreciate getting chances to push myself outside my comfort zone in terms of responsibilities and leadership roles--and to feel supported by people from around the state as I take on new challenges.

So thanks to all of YOU, who make my job remarkable.  I hope you are able to come up with a list of things yourself!

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