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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Encouraging Conversation with the Yes/No Challenge in Pepin

the word yes in neon lights
Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash
the word NO in faded red and white paint
Photo by Julian Lozano on Unsplash

Christy from Pepin recently shared a fun idea for a challenge for kids in the library.  The goal:  have a 3 minute conversation with library staff without saying "yes," "no" (or yeah or nah).
She says:
The kids are having fun with it.  If they fail, they get a small prize - Star Wars collectible pictures, erasers, keychains - if they complete the three minutes they get a larger prize - flashlight, battery pack for cell phone.  Out of 12 tries, I've had 2 make it for the full three minutes.  One young lady (9 years old) practices at home and then comes in to try, but she hasn't made it yet.  I do limit them to one try per day.  
The trick is to get them comfortable and just talking to you and then you ask another question that they just automatically answer with a yes or no.  Then the look on their faces as they realize what they said.  They are really thinking hard for most of the time and understand that other answers "indeed", "affirmative" and such are acceptable.  We'll do it through the end of August.  I didn't have anyone try in June, but now that they've discovered it I think we'll have several continue to try.

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