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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Outreach to Amish School in Frederic

snow person
Image from Pixabay

Thanks to Maria Potvin from Frederic for this guest post!

In our area, we have a small, one-room school which serves our Amish community. Every couple weeks I bring a new bin of books. Recently, when I pulled up to the school, I interrupted a snowball fight. One of the little boys went running into the school to tell the teacher I was there, another held the door for me as I carried the bin. 

I swapped out the books, and on my way back to my car, I visited with the boys and I congratulated them on a beautiful day for a snowball fight. (The weather was just perfect for packing snowballs.) 
They agreed and one of the boys called out "Thank you for the books!" I told them it was my pleasure to bring them books, and if there were any that they really enjoyed, they should let me know so I could bring them more.

The same boy responded "I really like The Hardy Boys."

I thought is was such a perfect nostalgic picture of childhood, having a snowball fight with your friends and reading The Hardy Boys!

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