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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Making Justice in Madison

watercolor paint box with multiple colors
There are some public libraries that are doing great work with kids involved with the juvenile justice system.  At ALA last summer, I attended a program about a library that lines up volunteer bedtime readers and author visits at the local juvenile detention center.  And in our own state, there are libraries doing some great work with kids who are incarcerated or who are at risk of detention.  This morning, Wisconsin Public Radio highlighted a program run by the Madison Public Library's  Bubbler called Making Justice, that works with teens and volunteer artists to create art together.  I highly recommend taking a listen--it is great to hear about such an exciting program, and fun to hear libraries make the news for such a positive reason!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Collection Development Resource

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The blog has been a victim of the triage that becomes necessary during especially busy times, which August, September, and October seem to be.  BUT.  I have it on my calendar to do a blog entry several times in the upcoming weeks, so look for more content.  And remember to send content my way if you have something to share!!

YESTERDAY, I went off to do new library director visits, and in the course of talking about our monthly Starred Reviews publication, I found out about another pretty remarkable resource from Debbie in Prescott, who has been using it for quite a while.  Jen J.'s Booksheets is a publication that tracks things like awards, and the number of starred reviews an item is getting.  It might be a useful resource for keeping track of items that are getting a LOT of buzz.