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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Inclusive Services Statement

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Photo from Pixabay
The Wisconsin Division for Libraries and Technology just released a new statement on Inclusive Services:  What Does It Mean to Be Inclusive?

It's a great explanation of what we mean when we talk about making library services more inclusive.   You can check out the WI Libraries for Everyone blog post Tessa Michaelson Schmitt wrote about it, or you can just read the statement, it is short and sweet and inspiring!

Some of my favorite sentences:

The practice of providing inclusive services requires continuous reflection and ongoing dialog with and betweenlibrary administration, staff, and members of the community, with particular emphasis on including the voices of those who are underserved, underrepresented, and underrecognized within the community.

On a concrete level, inclusive services should be visibly incorporated into all library services. The concept that libraries are for everyone should be evident through every point of access or interaction with the library.

When libraries honor the full diversity of their communities, communities thrive.

I'm looking forward to using this statement as a guidepost as I try to help libraries with these efforts.  Please let me know if you'd like to talk more about it or any of the ideas this statement gives you!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Resilience, Harry Potter Style

Griffindor tie, sweater, and time turner
photo from Pixabay
I just listened to a webinar with Dr. Sara Langworthy through Early Childhood Investigations, about Adverse Childhood Experiences, and how to act as a factor to help with resilience for kids who are experiencing toxic stress and trauma.

In the webinar, she referenced her youtube channel, where she takes on various developmental psychology topics.  I had to check it out when she brought up the video where she talks about resiliency factors in terms of Harry Potter.  Turns out she has created several videos that seem to have been inspired (in style) by John and Hank Green's vlogbrothers episodes.  The one about Harry Potter and resilience is worth a glance!  So is the one about ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences), if you need an introduction, or if you want to give someone else a quick introduction to the topic.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fidget Spinners

fidget spinner
Not sure if you are seeing Fidget Spinners in your libraries (I've yet to lay eyes on one in person but I live a sheltered life).  Thanks to a Facebook post by Jenna at Chippewa Falls, I read a thought-provoking blog post about them. Not about their popularity or how distracting they are.  This post was written by a woman with autism, who discussed how for many years the "self-stimming" of people on the spectrum was considered to be (and still is, in many circumstances), a behavior to get rid of, rather than as a useful coping mechanism for people who are overwhelmed by sensory input.  And then, a person who is not disabled pointed out that fidgeting helps him concentrate in meetings--and now fidget toys are all the rage.  As she said:

"Think about this: Decades of emotional punishment, physical violence, and other abuses. And then some guy (who just happens to be in a position with more social clout than most disabled people will ever attain) writes an article about how having a fidget toy helps him concentrate during meetings, and all of a sudden, every neurotypical person in America is falling all over themselves to get a fidget toy of their own. "

See what I mean?  Read the whole blog post to get more insight (the blog in general is worth looking at!)