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Monday, January 9, 2017

Youth-related webinars coming up!

Don't forget to check out the following sessions at the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference!  There are many others that would be of use to a general audience, but these Wednesday sessions may be of particular interest to librarians serving youth!

Wednesday 1/25, 9 am: 
Staying Well @ Your Library (Staff Empowerment)
Maurice Coleman, Technical Trainer
Harford County Public Library, MD

Do you feel pressure to be perfect at work? Do you think about your work at midnight or have stressful dreams about a work situation? Do you feel like you are doing three different jobs each day and that the work will never stop?  You're not alone.  
This webinar will give you tips and stories about how you can help keep co-workers and yourself refreshed and engaged throughout good times and bad times at your library.   Practical tips will help your co-workers and you prevent stressful situations and counteract burnout while continuing to be engaged with your customers and co-workers.


Wednesday 1/25, 10:30 am: 
Teaching Patrons to be Successful in the Library (Staff Empowerment)
Melissa Munn, Community Conduct Coordinator
King County Library System; 
Issaquah, WA 

Libraries reflect the communities we serve and like those communities we sometimes need to navigate disruptive and unsafe patron behaviors. Join the KCLS Community Conduct Coordinator as she shares how policies, procedures, and guidelines can empower staff and support a safe and welcoming environment for all. Participants will learn techniques for engaging staff in solutions, review facilities considerations, explore community and police partnership opportunities, and take away ideas for training and resources.

1 pm: 
Dream Big, Learn Code (Tech Trends)
Holly Storck-Post, Youth Services Librarian, Madison Public Library
Joshua Cowles, Library Tech. Coordinator, Fond du Lac Public Library

Teaching our communities how to code is essential for their future. Learning to code allows individuals to interact and compete in a highly digital society. This webinar will help you learn about the importance of code literacy and the valuable skills it teaches, as well as how to talk about the value of coding to your boss, your stakeholders, and your community! We will also show you many ways to bring coding programs into your libraries and communities with the resources that WisCode Literati offers.


1 pm: 
Talking to Teens About Books (Youth Services)
Jessica Moyer, Assistant Professor of Librarian Administration
University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign; Champaign, IL

Ever wonder how to talk to teen readers?  Readers' advisory expert Jessica Moyer will guide you through the basics of readers’ advisory for teens and introduce attendees to  suggested titles in a variety of genres.  This session will give great tips for teen and adult librarians, or anyone that wants to know more about working with teens.


2:30 pm:
The Idea Studio: More Than Just a Makerspace (Tech Trends)
Jon-Mark Bolthouse, Director
Fond du Lac Public Library; Fond du Lac, WI

In May of 2016, the Fond du Lac Public Library opened The Idea Studio, a multi-function creative community space that combines art, technology, music-making and much more.
Come hear Jon-Mark Bolthouse, full-time library director and part-time McGyver Librarian, talk about the journey to bring the Idea Studio to life.  He will highlight the process and the necessary community involvement, and give an overview of all the equipment and programs available.  Jon-Mark will also talk about what has worked and what hasn't over the past six months.


2:30 pm:
Planning & Evaluating Programs & Services for Youth (Youth Services)
Amy Koester, Youth & Family Program Supervisor
Skokie Public Library; Skokie, IL

Do you find yourself scrambling to get events on the calendar every time the program cycle deadline rolls around? Do you wish you could capture the success and impact of your programs beyond occasional patron comments and presenter anecdotes? Programs and other major services for youth are cornerstones of libraries serving the public. Yet our high attendance and packed schedules can leave little time for dedicated planning and evaluation--both of which are integral to offering the most responsive, transformative programs for your community. This webinar will explore strategies and methods for making meaningful planning and thoughtful evaluation a seamless part of current and future programs and services for the youth in your library community.


4 pm:
Service Meets Design: How the Boston Public Library Designed Their New Children's Library to Provide Modern-Day Services for Kids (Youth Services)
Laura Koenig, Team Leader for Central Library Children's Services
Boston Public Library; Boston, MA

Library renovations aren’t just about the physical transformation of a space, they can also be an opportunity to renew and refresh programming and services. Learn how the Boston Public Library shaped the final design features of its new Children’s Library to not only provide a whimsical and welcoming environment for children and families, but also to foster greater public engagement through programming, interactive features, and spatial details.