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Monday, February 13, 2017

Media Mentor Course

Laughing Evolution.  Flickr, Petras Gagilas
You've probably read about it from another source, but sometimes I have to see things many times before I follow up, so I'm just making sure!

Many librarians in IFLS-Land participated in a whole series of workshops and other projects in 2015 about Media Mentorship--helping families evaluate media and make sense of the whole complicated landscape.  We developed some resources related to the topic, available here (updated recently!).  At the same time, the state was offering some excellent resources, including the free Digital Storytime e-course.

Now, UW-Madison has put together a course called Media Mentorship and Family Engagement in the Digital Age with instructor Claudia Haines, a respected voice on media mentorship and libraries since the early days of this discussion, and an author of a book on the topic.

If you are new to this discussion, or even if you participated in the 2015 projects but haven't availed yourself of any new learning on this topic, I highly encourage you to take a look at any or all of these resources.  They are important!

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