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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Thanks to Cole Zrostlik, formerly of St. Croix Falls, now of Franconia Sculpture Park, for this guest post, full of great resources.

After the Supernatural St. Croix Falls fiasco of 2012, St. Croix Falls Public Library has decided, yet again, to tread into controversial territory with the installation of an iPad mini in its early literacy space.

Actually, it seems to have not ruffled too many feathers so far. Since the installation of the iPad Mini in the children's area, attached to an end-cap with a wall/cabinet mount by Joy Factory, few parents have been too, terribly surprised by the iPad's presence. We love the great resources put out by the amazing Leah Langby and put together some of our own, too. The only problem we've had so far is locking the iPad on to a single app (so as not to create too much of a distraction) without losing some part of the app, like the introduction to "Spot" by David Wiesner, the beginning of a fresh game, or the parent instructions. So far, we have just deleted as many of the apps that might cause a distraction for families, turned off the internet access, and have let kids and families experiment with all the early literacy apps on the tablet!
The SCFPL is doing an app ofthe week! I hope some of you might be able to use these-- parents have appreciated the recommendations! I LOVE all the apps in this PDF and have played with them extensively and personally-- check them out if you can, or come visit the SCFPL to try them all!

Questions? Email Cole @ her new email address, colezrostlik@franconia.org or the SCFPL @ scflibrary@scfpl.org.