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Friday, December 16, 2016


The final big trend to discuss from the SLP workshop responses to making the Summer Library Program easier:  Simplification.

Several people talked about looking at programs and simplifying them.  Many talked about looking at record-keeping and simplifying it.  Eliminating or reducing prizes definitely figured into the equation for quite a few folks.

Now, I'm someone who tends to complicate things.  It is a lesson I have had to keep re-learning, that I don't have to do EVERYTHING with every, single project.  Planning, prioritizing, and then focusing my attention does not come naturally to me.  I want to do everything, because I can see how everything is related and everything is important.  But when my efforts are spread so thin, they end up being a little random.

So anyway, maybe we could step back and really think about how to simplify programs and reduce prep time (Do you really need to individually decorate the cookies so they match the theme? If a craft project requires many individual parts to be prepared ahead of time, maybe it is time to think about a different craft project?).  We already talked about simplifying record-keeping.  Prizes kind of fit in with that--if you want to continue to give out prizes, how can you simplify them?  Can they occupy less of your budget?  Or can you spend the money on books, which are more expensive, but only give one or two out during the summer?  Think about the role prizes play in your program, and think about ways you can maximize their effectiveness if you want to keep using them.

Good luck!  And remember, even though it is ALL cool and important, you can pace yourself!

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  1. Thanks for this most excellent series - all needed support for change and SLP thoughtfulness!