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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Engaged Parents, Learning from a Dog?

A reader enjoys time with Freddy
Many libraries in our system host therapy dogs who come and listen while kids read to them.  The other day, Georgia from New Richmond got a lovely note from Jill, Freddy the dog's handler about the ripple effect that reading to the dog had on kids who were in the room:

I just wanted to share with you something really wonderful that happened last night. There were a lot of families at the library last night, and it was great to see so many kids there. But something was a little different. When a child was waiting to read to Freddy, rather than just sitting and doing nothing, they picked up their books and started reading to their parent/s. And one child who read to Freddy didn't get to finish the entire book. So when her turn ended, she found a comfy corner in the library and read aloud (but quietly) to her mom and brother. It was inspiring to see the children so engaged in their books and interacting with their parents. In this day and age where kids won't lift their eyes from their cell phones, iPads and video games, it was exciting to see such lively interactions. Thanks for allowing us to be part of the fun!

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