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Friday, December 11, 2015

Media Mentor Resources

Here's the handout!
After more than a year of digging into New Media, Media Mentorship, and working with various community partners and dynamic educators to learn more and form our own ideas and understanding, I am pleased to say we've put together some worthwhile resources!  Many thanks to the IFLS Early Litearcy Implementation Team (names below) for their help and support as I thought about this, and also to Karen Morris (Public Health) and Amy Carriere (CESA 10) who have given me some great insight from the non-library perspective.

The IFLS webpage has the links to all of the resources we have gathered and created.  I tried to distill a few of the most important points made by all of our workshops and research into a parent handout and some talking points for librarians and other professionals who work with families.  We also have links to the materials created by the Wisconsin ILEAD team that was focusing on this topic, and links to the resources shared by Erin Walsh, Chip Donohue, and Carissa Christner at workshops this fall.

How can you use these?  Here are some ideas, generated by the IFLS Early Literacy Implementation Team (now the Youth Services Implementation Team):

  • Share Talking Points with other library staff who weren't able to attend workshops but may be asked questions
  • Pass out the handouts at storytimes, at the desk, near children's computers and iPads
  • Share handouts, talking points, and slides with community partners who work with families
  • Put slides on early literacy iPads and/or computers for families to look at before using computers
  • Include a tip or two into storytimes, outreach visits, and other programming
Other ideas?  

IFLS Early Literacy Implementation Team members:  Alyssa Cleland (Park Falls), Valerie Spooner (Ladysmith), Kathy Larson (Bloomer), Jenna Gilles-Turner (Chippewa Falls), Alisha Green and Shelly Collins Fuerbringer (Eau Claire), Katherine Elchert (Rice Lake), Patti Becker (Barron), Cole Zrostlik (St. Croix Falls), Georgia Jones (New Richmond), Monica LaVold (River Falls)

Monday, December 7, 2015


It's been a rough fall, with catastrophes and tragedies and outrageous things happening in the world.  Many of my closest friends and family are dealing with tremendous personal challenges and hardships .  And, on a much less traumatic note, there has been more work to do than time to do it in, including some unwieldy projects.

But then last week, I had a virtual meeting with a bunch of youth services librarians.  It wasn't even face-to-face (which I usually prefer), but I spent the rest of the day feeling energized and inspired.  This group of busy librarians took time out of their schedule to help me think more about some Media Mentor resources I'm creating (look for publication of those at the end of the week), discuss ways they might use these resources, and brainstorm ways to connect with and support other librarians.

The generosity of my colleagues always gives me warm fuzzies.  Getting constructive criticism on the Media Mentor pieces I've been wrestling with was useful, and it was also helpful to hear how much they liked them and thought they could use them.  I try not to rely on other people to give me my self-esteem, but let's hear it for some positive feedback!  It is also really heartening to hear busy people brainstorming about ways to support each other and the wider IFLS community.

The lesson here?  I guess it is that I am lucky as can be to get regular infusions of positive energy from a group of dedicated librarians--pretty much all of you.

Image credit:  Pixabay