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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Durand Library Featured in SLJ Article

Patti Blount was recently interviewed for a School Library Journal article about collections for English Language Learners.  It is an interesting and worthwhile article, and it is fun to have someone we know quoted in it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Reading Goals--Nonfiction

In January of this year, IFLS librarians enthusiastically signed up to participate in a way of sharing book suggestions.  Each month, we had a reading goal, a genre to try to read and report back to other librarians.  By this fall, participation was flagging, and the time it required to wrestle all of these suggestions into a (possibly) useful form was getting harder to justify.  We switched our discussion of the monthly reading goal to an IFLS Youth Services Facebook Page, and it is just a little discussion, rather than something that results in a book list.

The question is--this seemed like a great idea.  People were enthusiastic.  But it proved unsustainable to create a crowd-source readers advisory list, at least in the manner we were trying to do it.  I'm wondering if there are any other suggestions for how to do this, or if  anyone actually used them when we were creating the actual lists.

Either way, head over to the IFLS Youth Services Facebook Page in order to add your suggestion of a nonfiction book you read sometime in December!