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Friday, May 29, 2015

Hudson Wins CSLP Video Contest for Wisconsin

A library from IFLS-land has won Wisconsin's contest for the Collaborative  Summer Library Program's Teen Video Challenge!  Congratulations to the Hudson teens for their winning video, a funny Scooby-Doo parody, Dewey Doo and the Case of the Stolen Library Books.  I asked Jenny Jochimson, the teen librarian, a few questions about the making of the video, and she sure makes it sound manageable!

The Teen Advisory Board created the video.  One member, Julia, had some film-making experience and was really excited to create a video.  She took the leadership and came up with the original concept.  Then during one TAB meeting, they wrote the script, decided on characters and costumes, and planned the filming date.  At the next meeting, they did a run-through for an hour (which included recruiting former TAB members to come and replace the two kids who had last-minute cancellations).  Then they filmed!  Julia directed and edited the film.

Jenny suggests that even if you have one kid who is excited about a project like this, go with it!  They probably have enough energy and know-how to carry you through.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Reading List

A group of librarians and authors who care about diversity put together an Inclusive Summer Reading List.  Aimed at including diverse voices and experiences in the books recommended for children and teens, the list includes a wide range of books.  According to one of the authors, Debbie Reese, the list includes "contemporary and historical fiction. There's speculative fiction and nonfiction as well. Some are new, and some are older. The list includes a graphic novel, too. Some titles are from major publishers, some are from small publishers, and some are self-published. And, some are available as audiobooks or e-books."