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Friday, August 21, 2015

Word Group Game in Pepin

Thanks to Christy in Pepin for this blog post!

What do you do with those flimsy DVD cases that we are not to circulate?  Do they just pile up in a store room or cabinet?  What about the discs from movies or books that are not salvageable or no longer needed?  Looking to re-use both of these items?  Here's one idea that Pepin is putting together to make available for the beginning readers. 

Take a word group, such as words that end in "ap".  Create a label or two with those letters on and place inside the DVD case.  Then place letters onto a label for the disc.  The disc can then be turned to create words from the letters on the disc and the case.  
CD with letters word game
Have available some paper that the reader can then write the words they create.  Place a pencil inside the case and a spiffy cover for the outside and viola!  A quick tool for readers to see and make words.  This activity will help readers to rhyme, spell, write and enrich their literacy skills.  We are putting together several of these cases with word groups and will make them available for use in the library.
place for writing words created

We are also thinking of creating "Scrabble" like tiles from these cases also. Younger readers can create their own words or just place the tiles in order. Older readers can make their own cross-stick puzzles and challenge each other to keep adding words.  The tiles can have capital letters on one side and lower case letters on the other side.  Just some paper and printer toner and a little time should give those old DVD cases new life.
snazzy cover

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