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Friday, April 17, 2015

Librarians and Resilience

I attended a conference put on by the Eau Claire Brain Team yesterday, and one of the sessions was about ACEs--Adverse Childhood Experiences--and the long-term health effects ACEs can have.  But also about ways to help mitigate their effects by helping children and teens develop resiliency.  Powerful stuff, and I believe that libraries--and librarians--have a role to play in this.  I think most of us would agree about the positive difference a relationship with a caring librarian can make, or having a safe place like the library to go --we've all heard stories that attest to that.

I was super-excited when the presenter suggested a list of people and organizations that are excellent partners for informing people about ACEs, preventing them, and helping children develop resiliency once they have occurred.  Guess what organization TOPPED THE LIST?  Libraries.  How cool is that?!  It was heartening to have libraries recognized and advocated-for as partners in this important work.  We have a place at the table for discussions about this, and they are important topics for our communities.

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