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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reading Goals Results

Thanks for bearing with me as I try to figure out the best way to manage the Reading Goals project.  I was pleased with the results, but found my form to be a little unwieldy and time-consuming to manage.   Hopefully I'll figure out a way to make this easier on myself next time.  Any suggestions are welcome!

We had fourteen librarians participate in January.  I have put the list below, with author and title, and color-coded according to how it was recommended (Enthusiastically recommended, recommended, and recommended for certain kids)

Or, check out the kind of messy results with all the notes and everything, here

Applegate, Katherine.  Ivan:  The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla.  Illus. by G. Brian Karas. (2014)

Bailey, Linda.  If Kids Ruled the World.  Illus. by David Huyck.  (2014)

Baldacchino, Christine.  Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress.  Illus. by Isabelle Malefant.  (2014)

Beck, Carolyn.  One Hungry Heron.  Illus. by Karen Patkau.  (2014)

Becker, Aaron.  Quest.  (2014)

Bee, William.  Worst in Show.  Illus. by Kate Hindley (2015)

Benson, Jennifer Gervase.  The Three Little Girls and the Magical Unicorn.  Illus. by Theresa Stites.  (2014)

Berger, Samantha.  A Crankenstein Valentine.  Illus. by Dan Santat (2014)

Biddulph, Robert.  Blown Away.  (2015)

Bluemle, Elizabeth.  Tap Tap Boom Boom.  Illus. by G. Brian Karas.  (2014)

Bolden, Tanya.  Beautiful Moon:  A Child’s Prayer.  Illus. by Eric Velasquez. (2014)

Bryant, Jen.  The Right Word:  Roget and His Thesaurus.  Illus. by Melissa Sweet (2014)

Campbell, Scott.  The Hug Machine.  (2014)

Coudray, Phillippe.  Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas.  (2013)

DiPucchio, Kelly.  Zombie in Love.  Illus. by Scott Campbell (2011)

Garton, Sue.  I Am Otter.  (2014)

Gay, Marie-Louise.  Any Questions?  (2014)

Gehl, Laura.  One Big Pair of Underwear.  Illus. by Tom Lichtenheld.  (2014)

Gillingham, Sara.  How to Grow a Friend.  (2014)

Godin, Thema Lynne.  Hula-Hoopin’ Queen.  Illus. by Vanessa Brantley-Newton (2014)

Good, Jason.  Must. Push. Buttons.  Illus. by Jarrett Krosoczka (2015)

Halpern, Shari.  Dinosaur Parade.  (2014)

Herthel, Jessica and Jazz Jennings.  I Am Jazz.  Illus. by Selagh McNicholas.  (2014)

Jackson, Ellen.  Tooling Around:  Crafty Creatures and the Tools They Use.  Illus. by Renne Benoit.  (2014)

Judge, Lita.  Born in the Wild:  Baby Mammals and Their Parents.  (2014)

Klausmeier, Jesse.  Open This Little Book.  Illus. by Suzy Lee (2013)

LaRochelle, David.  It’s a Tiger.  Illus. by Jeremy Tankard.  (2012)

Liniers.  The Big Wet Balloon.  (2013)

Ludwig, Trudy.  Gifts from the Enemy.  Illus. by Craig Orback (2014)

McEwen, Katherine.  Bear Hug.  (2014)

Meschenmoser, Sebastian.  Mr. Squirrel and the Moon.  Trans. by David Henry Wilson.  (2010 Germany, 2015 US)

Nichols, Lori.  Maple.  (2014)

Novak, B.J.  The Book with No Pictures.  (2014) (noted twice)

Offil, Jenny.  Sparky!  Illus. by Chris Appelhaus (2014)

Pilutti, Deb.  Ten Rules of Being a Superhero.  (2014)

Ray, Mary Lyn.  Go to Sleep, Little Farm.  Illus. by Chris Neal (2014)

Reading with Pictures:  Comics that Make Kids Smarter.  Josh Elder, ed.  (2014) 173 pp.

Rocco, John.  Blizzard.  (2014)

Rockliff, Mara.  The Grudge Keeper.  Illus. by Eliza Wheeler (2014)

Rose, Nancy.  The Secret Life of Squirrels.  (2014)

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.  Uni the Unicorn.  Illus. by Brigette Barrager (2014)

Rubenstein, Laura.  Visiting Feelings.  Illus. by Shelly Hehenberger (2013)

Ruzzier, Sergio.  Bear and Bee.  (2013)

Salas, Laura Purdie.  Water Can Be.  Illus. by Violeta Dabija (2014)

Saltzberg, Barney.  Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep.  (2014)

Sayre, April Pulley. Raindrops Roll.  (2014)

Shannon, George.  Hands Say Love.  Illus. by Taeeun Yoo.  (2014)

Swenson, Jamie.  If You Were a Dog.  Illus. by Chris Raschka (2014)

Thiele, Bob.  What a Wonderful World.  Illus. by Tim Hopgood (2014)

Thomas, Jan.  Is Everyone Ready for Fun?  (2014)

Thomas, Jan.  Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy.  (2014)

Tongas, Chris.  Dojo Daycare.  (2014)

White, Teagan.  Adventures with Barefoot Critters.  (2014)

Won, Brian.  Hooray for Hat!  (2014)

Woodson, Jacqueline.  Show Way.  Illus. by Hudson Talbott (2005)

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  1. This is so cool! And how am I ever going to find time to read them all?