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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reading Goals

I came across a couple of interesting posts (So Tomorrow and Abby the Librarian) about creating reading goals to help make sure you can keep on top of readers advisory for the youngest patrons.  I liked the idea of intentionally trying to read outside the age and genre groups that we tend to gravitate toward, in the interest of improved collection development and readers advisory (in its many forms).

Anyone else doing this sort of thing?  I am considering it--it might be fun to do this as a group, and have some folks to swap favorite titles with at the end of each month.  Let me know if you are up for it!


  1. I try to do this sort of, but not as organized. I think it would be fun to talk titles and have a theme for the month.

  2. Same with me... when i have time, i'll read outside what *I* enjoy, but i think it might be a bit easier having young kids at home with varying opinions. I also agree that it might be fun to talk titles or have some sort of on-line group spending time on this. We all only have so much time, am I right? - Jenna

  3. Yay! I've heard from 3 people so far. Enough to consider setting up a not-too-time-intensive way to do this together (online). I'll work on that next week!

  4. I'm interested, too! Have you seen the School Library Shelf Challenge? He mentions a few different ways that they keep track of the books they read there. http://slmshelfchallenge.blogspot.com/2014_03_01_archive.html

  5. I'm interested! I rarely get to read what I used to look for in a book because I tend to use my time on Teen and Tween books. Keep me posted:)

  6. This is a wonderful idea and I would love to participate!