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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Color Activity that Encouarges Creativity and Interaction

Crayon display

Thanks to Samantha Carpenter, the new youth services assistant at L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library for this cool and easy-to-replicate idea.

The "Name Our Crayons" wall in Youth Services at LEPMPL went up in December in conjunction with our new theme in Play and Learn, which is "The Arts." The wall is big and colorful and can be seen when you walk in the front door of the library. There is a station at our public desk where kids can pick a shape whose color corresponds to one of the crayons, write a name for that color on the shape, and ask a librarian to staple it to the wall. 

What we like about this passive program (other than the sweet and hilarious names kids come up with!) is that it asks kids to think about multiple things:  colors, shapes, and letters. It also gets folks talking to us at the desk. We have had 113 participants in a little less than a month. Enjoy!

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