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Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Means You, Too! LSTA Grant Information

There are some great opportunities for participation in LSTA grants this coming year.  Look for a few system-wide possibilities that are coming your way in the next month, but you can also consider applying for a grant of your own, too!

This year's LSTA Information and Guidelines are now available.  This year, there is a breakdown, with different categories for small libraries (service area under 10,000) and large libraries and systems.  There are several categories that you might be interested in looking at:

  • Digital Creation Technology (think maker-spaces, encouraging all ages to create digital content)
  • Early Literacy
  • Literacy
  • Accessibility

In addition, this year there are going to be small planning grants available in both the accessibility and the literacy categories.  These grants will allow participants to delve deeply into finding out more about the groups you are hoping to serve better, what is unique about the needs in your community, and use this information to decide on what your next steps might be. Information gathering and planning are crucial for successful projects, and it is great to have resources to help libraries with this stage of in-depth planning.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This Means You!

The invitation is for YOU!  (Sir John Tenniel)

How often do you see invitations to apply for cool stuff go out on listservs and assume that the sender is talking about someone else?  They aren't!  They are talking about you! 

Here's one example:  The Wisconsin Library Association is accepting applications to be a part of their WeLead program.  The WeLead project is designed to help newer librarians become more connected with others in the field, pair them with a mentor, and give them the tools they need to act as leaders in WLA.  It is a great opportunity, plus it comes with some chances to attend conferences for free!

Maybe you don't think you'd qualify as participant because you've been a librarian for years...but you could consider applying to be a mentor!  Have acted as a mentor in the past, I can say that it is a lovely chance to develop a relationship with a smart, engaged and generally awesome librarian who is interested in some of the same things you are.

Here's one more example:  every year the WLA Foundation gives out scholarships to help people attend conferences, workshops, or other professional development.  Some of them are specifically designed for people serving rural libraries!  Applications are due June 15, so you still have a little time to get your ducks in a row.

So, give it a shot!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Two More Useful Book Awards

Both of these awards are useful for following up on the information many of us learned a few weeks ago at the Storytimes for Everyone workshop with Saroj Ghoting.

For those of you looking to incorporate more nonfiction into storytimes and other programs for preschoolers, take a peek at this:
The Correll Book Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Information Text was designed to shed light on the need to produce quality informational texts for children birth to age 8. This year the Award Committee granted awards in 2 categories:  one for birth to 3 and one for 4-8 year old children. The award for the birth to 3 category went to Look! by Ted Lewin and the winner in the 4-8 year old division was Best Foot Forward by Ingo Arndt. Please contact Dr. Susan Bennett-Armistead [Susan.bennett-armistead@maine.edu], Committee Chair, should you have questions about the award or have an interest in nominating titles.  

For those of you who are hoping to run with the ideas in Every Child Ready to Read 2, emphasizing the practices of Talk, Play, Sing, Read, Write, here's the award for you!

The CLEL Bell Picture Book Award is given by the Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy to five high-quality picture books that provide excellent support of early literacy development in young children.   There is one book that emphasizes each of the five early literacy practices. Here's the list of winners.  Here's the short-list.  You can also find a list of 25 books published in the last 25 years (and still in print) that exemplify the selection criteria--5 books for each practice.

Pretty cool to have others do some of the sifting and winnowing for us, isn't it?