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Friday, May 24, 2013

Digging Up Creative Ideas in Boyceville

Many thanks to Ginny Julson, director of the Boyceville Public Library, for this submission:

Every year all the kids from the elementary school come over one class at a time and do a skit on our stage to gear up for the SRP--each year we choose volunteers from each class to help us act it out.  I had just weeded our entire library and had been storing the books on the stage until we had time for a sale. The sale was to be after our skits so what to do with all those books???? 

Marilyn came up with the brilliant idea of using them for the "Dig Into Reading" theme. We left them up there and literally had kids come on stage and dig into books to see what they could find. You can tell by the costumes they found pirates, wolves, fashion advice, sword fighting books and lots more. The kids loved hiding behind them all and then popping up to do their part. Fun!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eau Claire's Out of This World Videos

The folks at the public library in Eau Claire have stepped up their game in promotion of the Summer Library Program.  They created two videos, one to promote their program for younger kids--complete with a sequence at the end featuring even the dignified adult services staff members "busting a move."  It's a fun, engaging, quick look at some of the cool things happening at the library, complete with mission control, aliens, and goofy dancing.  The library's theme of "Blast Off" lends itself well to this silly video.

The other video was created by the same team that made the award-winning Beneath the Surface video for the CSLP contest this year.  Written by library staffer Ian Jacoby, this promo for the teen program Take Me To Your Reader was filmed, directed, edited and acted by students at Eau Claire Memorial High School...and there is even an awesome original score created by another student.  Again, I'm blown away by the skill and creativity of this bunch of teenage boys!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Three R's Display in Hawkins

Arlene Mabie is not only the library director at Hawkins, she also is the clerk treasurer for the recycling/disposal unit in Kennan (as well as a volunteer fire fighter and miniature horse-raiser...can you say Superhero?).  She is motivated to encourage and educate people about reducing waste, re-using and recycling!

To celebrate Earth Day, she put together a display of books and included items made of recycled materials (bags, pens, pencils, and other office supplies).  Having something tangible made of recycled materials right there to see and touch makes it easier to see the point of recycling!