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Monday, November 25, 2013

Insect Camp at the Library

Playing SLUG (like SPUD, but with hoops and frisbees

Jenna at Fall Creek held an after school Insect Camp this fall, with art and science, games and exploring for school age kids.  There's a complete blog post about it on her blog, but I'm including a few photos here to whet your appetite. 

Says Jenna  "It was SO much fun. The parents were very impressed and mentioned a number of times how the kids couldn't stop talking about what they had done they day before. The Hissing Cockroaches was by far the favorite activity. We had mostly second graders and younger, but one older sister in 6th grade did attend Tuesday-Thursday. I am glad I had pre-registration because we offered snack each day. The presenters also appreciated knowing how many children to expect. We will have another Library Camp week this month and already have quite a few kiddos signed up for each day!"
Thumbprint insects
Drawing/writing about what is in the small circle he created with string
A visit from the hissing cockroaches, who came with a local teacher

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