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Monday, November 4, 2013

Borrow an Amphibian

Cole and a young patron enjoy a frog together
St. Croix Falls Public Library is a great place to check out materials, create art, hear stories, use technology...and now, you can also check out amphibians for a week! Randy Korb (the Frog Guy, who many of you saw a few years ago at a Performer Showcase) lives in St. Croix Falls, and approached the library with this awesome idea!  Families can check out one of seven amphibians (3 species of salamanders; 3 species of frogs, and a toad) for a week.

How can the logistics of this possibly work??  Well, if you have a Frog Guy living in your area it is easy.  The animals live at his house.  When a family wants to borrow one, they make an appointment at the library to meet Randy to pick it up at the library.  There is usually a waiting period.  The amphibians come with excellent care instructions and proper food for a week, supplied by Randy.

Cole acknowledges that not many libraries have a Frog Guy.  But, she says, "I encourage anyone interested to think about local resources, parks, and naturalists who are passionate about animals and the immense learning that comes with (even a short period of) taking care of an animal."  The library plans to eventually offer other items for checkout that will encourage families to get outside and explore the natural environment. Check out the newspaper article about it!


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