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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Farmer's Market Outreach in Rice Lake

Rice Lake is trying an interesting new outreach project:  having a presence at the local farmers market once a week.  Linda Mullin sets up a table, some blankets, some brochures and books at the Farmer's Market every Thursday afternoon, and has been enjoying interacting with kids and adults there.  Here are some of the things she's learned:

  • Have plastic bin and/ or pop-up tent for unexpected rain.
  • Find a way to be more visible:  signage, balloons or something to get attention and let people know the library is there.
  • Parents that are selling produce at the farmers market have shared that during the summer they do not have as much time to get to the library because of gardening, markets etc. so they appreciate the storytime. 
 Here's what she hopes to try before the end of the season:
  • Bring along another person going to share the reading and be available to talk with adults
  • Take along some books to give away
    Figure out some way to bring materials along and check them out
  • Create a power point about what's available at the library and bring along a computer to show, also use to help answer questions
Photo: Story time at the Country Lane Farmer's Market!
Linda reading to kids (with amazing levitating boy in background)

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