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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Youth Services--managing your managers

Do you ever struggle, as a youth services librarian, to communicate the importance of youth services to your managers?  Most libraries in this reason do a terrific job of valuing their youth services (programs, collections, outreach and more) and the librarians who provide them, but sometimes it can be lonely when you feel like the only person who is truly invested in serving youth.  I found this article from American Libraries Direct to be a set of useful reminders about how to improve relations with the powers that be in order to get the respect/funding/freedom to do what you need to do! 

If this is something you struggle with, remember there is a listening ear here at IFLS for you!  I'm happy to help you problem-solve about how to make your relationship with your library's administration more effective for everyone.  Contact me at langby @ ifls.lib.wi.us

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  1. Thanks for a great link. I completely missed that article...and I completely agree with what Linda is advocating. That's how I've approached my professional youth work and I think that's why I have had some success over the years!