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Monday, April 1, 2013

Silly Mysteries for Storytime

Many thanks to Jerissa Christianson, the youth services librarian in Amery, for sharing these fun ideas for jazzing up storytime with a little bit of intrigue!

Activities Jar
Write out a variety of activities on several small pieces of colored paper. Example activities include “Jump up and down and count to 20,” “Tip-toe in place and whisper the ABCs,” “Make a silly face and wave to your grown-up,” etc. Fold the pieces of paper and place them in a large jar. Have the kids make a rolling motion with their arms as you spin the jar to shake up the activities.  Choose a piece of paper and ask the kids, “What color is this paper?” Find other things that are that color, etc. Then read and complete the activity.  The kids oblige with glee!

Photo credit: Opheliac9 flickr
Mystery Bag Activity w/Song
This activity can be easily adapted to fit a variety of themes. The following example is for a pet theme.

Find images of common pets (dogs, cats, etc.) and print them out.
Find images of creatures/objects that would NOT make good pets (skunks, dirt, etc.) and print them out.
Hide the images in a “Mystery Bag” and shake the bag to mix it up. Have the kids say, “Shake, shake, shake!” as you do it.
Pick out an image, have the kids identify it, and ask if it would make a good pet.

If not, have the kids cry, “Get rid of it!” and toss it aside!
If it does make a good pet, sing about it! Have the children and adults make a beat by tapping on their laps, and sing:

To the Tune of “Where is Thumbkin.”
            Dogs make good pets.
            Dogs make good pets.
            Yes they do!
            Yes they do!
            Mommy can I get one?
            Mommy can I get one?
            Pretty please?
            Pretty please?

Kids LOVE this activity! The sillier the image, the better!

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