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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Case of the Missing Bicycle

Warning!  Top Secret Detective information follows:  On January 28 at 1330 hours a Detective Training Program was held at L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library.  Detectives in Training earned their detective badge after completing a number of secret tasks and solving a case that had just come from Headquarters: Case #2013 “The Case of the Missing Bicycle.”   


The program began with a discussion about the tools every good detective should have and how to use them, how to spot things that seem out of the ordinary and decide if they are important clues.  They then had a chance to visit each station including a fingerprinting (using pencil lead and tape instead of ink), create-your-own disguise, a secret code and tools of the trade stations. 

Using these new skills, the Detectives in Training had to solve six clues to solve the mystery of Case #2013.  Who dunnit?  Was it Joe King?  Anita Bath?  Carrie Oakey?   Stan Still?  If solved correctly, each clue revealed where the missing bicycle was, who took it and why. 

The clues in-clue-ded matching a fingerprint and shoeprint left at the scene with information given on the suspect stats sheet, and ciphering several coded messages left at the scene (including one that needed a black light to read the message written in invisible ink).

One of the most popular stations was the Disguise Station where random craft materials were available to create whatever the kids needed to disguise their identity.  Everything from paper hats, yarn wigs, neckties, necklaces, paper bag beards, pipe cleaner eyebrows, and even lips were created as part of their disguises. 

Citizens can be rest assured that the case was solved and the bike is not in any danger.  And there are 36 new detectives ready to help solve your mysteries.

Signing off,
Detective Green

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