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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organizing Easy Readers

Kris Farley in Ladysmith tackled a big re-organization of the easy reader books in her collection.  I know a lot of librarians struggle with how to make this section of the library most useful to very beginning readers and their families.  Here's what Kris did:

I kept the "we read together" books separate, then have them separated by First, preschool, levels 1,2 and 3 then Chapter and the non-fiction. I made up a chart based on the description on the back of some books to describe how each level is different. This also helps me see what levels need some adding to.

She's had a lot of positive comments from young readers in her community.  How are you handling this?


  1. I labeled our ERs in Bloomer last year into four different levels: the super easy, mostly easy, okay they are getting harder, and the short chapter books with multi-syllabic words. One of the main problems with my system is that it is super subjective and it would be hard for someone else to decide what level to put on the spine.

    Last week when I was in the Chippewa Falls' Library I noticed that they had Guided Reading Level Stickers on the spines of their ERs. Combine that with the conversation I had with our local principal about parents looking for books at certain Guided Reading Levels, and I am wishing I would have went that way instead! I know there is a lot of debate about putting reading level stickers on books... but it is super helpful to parents who only have a few short minutes to duck in, find a label and grab some books for their kids.

  2. We left the green dot on the books from before; just added a new spine label - for the most part I went with what the publisher had the books as - so there were just a few that I had to decide. Some books actually moved to PIC, some got pulled, some to JUV. It was good to really see each book. We found duplicates as well. It is helpful to parents as they try to find books their child can or will read. Before they were having to look through all the books to find certain levels.

  3. A big thanks goes to our cataloger Jane for doing all the labels. It was a big job.

  4. I was back in Chippewa and I lied (accidentally), they do not have labels on their easy readers (I thought the E was for the Guided Reading Level E and it is to mark their easy readers) So, sorry for that misinformation. Kudos to you Kris for taking the time to examine each book and decide to weed some of them.