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Friday, December 7, 2012

Cool IFLS Content on the YSS Blog!

I'm doing blog double-duty this month, collecting and posting content on the YSS Blog (Youth Services Shout-Out).  IFLS librarians have been very helpful in providing me with some content (yayy!)

Here's a round-up of recent posts by IFLS librarians--please take a peek for inspiration, and watch for more, coming soon!  And remember, any project or idea, large or small, is a terrific thing to highlight in this blog or the YSS blog.  Send them to me and I'll share!

Colleen Crowley from Chippewa Falls has a recent post about her terrific kits for homeschoolers (you have to go to the library to check them out, but they are pretty amazing).

Monica LaVold from Chippewa Falls has a two-part series about her experiences at the WLA Annual Conference.  The first one talks about why she felt it was important to attend, and about the youth services pre-conference she attended.  The second one talks about some of the highlights of the conference.

An Oceans Homeschool Kit created by the folks at the Chippewa Falls Public Library

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Otaku Club in St. Croix Falls

Cole, the youth services librarian in St. Croix Falls, has been working with a teen who is passionate about anime and manga to create an Otaku Club.  What a cool way to support a teen!  Here's what she says about it:

The key to our Otaku/Anime Club has really been our youth leader. She's a home-schooled kid, so it makes the "free time after school" thing a little easier for her, and Manga is totally her passion. We're taking a break for November and December, but in January we'll work more on publicity (she'd really like to get a bigger group although she's had 3-7 kids show up most weeks). I really do think the first round was a success!

We plan to kick off the next session with a costume/dance party, and I'm encouraging a little more publicizing of the scheduled activities so that kids will know exactly what to expect when they come, especially if they want to pick and choose which weeks they show up. Liz, my volunteer, is very regimented/full of good ideas and gets a little frustrated some times when kids just want to hang out and not stick to the schedule, but we have talked about the kinds of adult leadership she is looking for too.   

I feel like it's really been a good experience for both of us; for me, having a young teen using the library and taking great initiative, and for her, learning about the steps and work it takes to set up a club like this and she's learning so much about getting exactly what she needs from the right people (and she's a quiet "bookish" kid-- that's hard) -- these are great life skills for kids to learn!!!
Photo credit: Allen County Public Library (Otaku Anon Cosplayers)


Monday, December 3, 2012

Cool New Blog!

Kathy Larson, the children's librarian at the G. E. Bleskacek Public Library in Bloomer, has a new blog!  So far, it's only 2 posts long, but it looks like it is going to be a good one.  Find out about the parallels and differences between being a childcare provider and a children's librarian, learn about some great new display ideas, and meet one of our newer, talented colleagues at From the Short Stacks.

Cool moustachioed display idea--look to the blog for more explanation!