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Friday, September 7, 2012

Science-y Fun

 A really great science booth at the Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka

One more time-sensitive thing to mention about upcoming dates:

Get your science geek on and participate in the Wisconsin Science Festival – right in your library!
The Wisconsin Science Festival “Curiosity Unleashed. Innovate 2012” will take place in Madison, September 27-30, 2012, but you don’t have to come to Madison to share the wonders of modern science. How about putting up a book display with a science festival sign and bookmarks during the festival?
The Science Festival will provide you with the materials, and they’ve also created a bibliography of science-related books you may want to display (thanks to Karen Dunn, UW-Madison Steenbock Library for fine tuning!):

To participate, contact Ann Feist, Event Coordinator, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, at afeist@warf.org. To be listed in the festival’s print program, please contact Ann by next Wednesday, September 12.

Remember, IFLS has a Science kit you can borrow, with a microscope, magnets, and other fun things to experiment with.  Contact Leah if you want to borrow it!  (langby @ ifls.lib.wi.us)  Other ideas for science programs:

Gizmos and Gadgets and Goo

Exploring the Solar System

Science Fun at Chippewa Falls 


Star Wars Read Day

It's been a busy week ( I can't put off writing the grant proposal that's been dogging me for months any longer)!  I'm happy to be back briefly to report on a super-cool program opportunity that Patti (Durand) passed on to me:

Star Wars Read Day, October 6, 2012

It's a multi-publisher initiative to celebrate Star Wars and reading!  While it is probably too late to claim on of the super-swanky kits from the publisher, there are some other terrific ideas floating around out there!

Check here for some from the Youth Services Section Blog.

Check here for some ideas from a library right here in our system!