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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Farewell to Elaine

Most librarians in IFLS-land have had a chance to meet the lovely, exuberant, creative and wise Elaine Meyer, youth services librarian at Amery for the past...err...long, long time.  Elaine--after helping shepherd her library through some difficult times as interim director last year; after countless storytimes, outreach projects, grants, book groups, performers, book recommendations, and more; after adding her wonderful laugh and insightful comments to our workshops and meetings for decades--Elaine is retiring at the end of this month!

Best wishes to Elaine.  We'll miss you in the library world!  I have no doubt Elaine will continue making a difference in the world, even as she has more time to read whatever she wants to!

Elaine accepts the Amery Mayor's Award earlier this year

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great New Storytime Music!

Thanks to Jill Patchin at the public library in Eau Claire for this review (the above photo is from a baby storytime at the library, where I'm sure these CDs will come in handy!)

We recently got a set of new cds from The LearningGroove.  I found them this spring when I was looking for a bilingual song to use for Dora storytime.  A blog post mentioned “Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica” on the Bouncy Blue album by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael/The Learning Groove.  I looked it up online and was able to listen to a clip that was great!  We were not able to get the CD in time for the program, but listening to other clips online in that album and others made me think these CDs would be great for storytime!

We have 4 of the 5 CDs in hand now with the last hopefully arriving soon.  I have listened through the albums very quickly, and have found several songs that would be great for storytime.  I always get so excited to have new songs to use!  Anyway, here are a few of my favorites so far:

Album- Yummy Yellow
Super silly tango
We will stomp
Tickle tickle (great for baby storytime!!)
Itsy bitsy spider (great for baby storytime!!)

Album- Rockin Red
Dance freeze melt
I can shake my shaker egg
Hip hop body rock (possibly has become my new favorite “shaker egg” song!)
Moving in a circle
Mother gooney bird (good for preschool or especially early elementary tour groups like scouts)

Album- Groovy Green
Rolling ball (I can see this being a fun color dance activity with colored streamers or scarves)

Album- Bouncey Blue
Shake that shaker (yet another awesome new shaker song!!)
Mi Cuerpo Hace Musica (see above for info on bilingual storytime)
This little piggy (Fun for baby storytime!)
Head shoulders knees and toes- fun new version!

That’s just what I liked on first (quick) listen.  There may be more hidden gems.  I would highly recommend purchasing these CDs to any library!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Performer Raves

Rave reviews from Plum City and Pepin for Dino from Nature's Niche:

Christy says:  "Dino, from Nature's Niche provided an educational and fun program on the benefits of the rainforest and the importance of protecting it.  To help illustrate his information he brought many Creature Teachers, including a 100 pound albino python.  Seven children are hardly enough to hold the entire snake.  Other animals who were there for viewing an touching were: hissing cockroaches, a tarantula, a South American opossom, a coatimundi, an alligator, and three very colorful tropical birds." 

And despite a casualty, Jacquie had great things to say:
"He was wonderful and did not get upset when the kids became boisterous.  He provided a great deal of information while keeping the kids interested.  Our casualty of the night was I Got Two Dogs by John Lithgow.  Dino told us that the birds' beaks are very sharp and strong.  By the end of the night we saw why.  One of the birds--I thought it was the blue macaw, my pages thought it was the cockatoo-- felt we put them by John Lithgow's book for their own enjoyment.  The bird proceeded to sheer off about 1/3 of the binding, down to the core.  Outside of that, it was an excellent show and program."

 Here's how the book looked after the bird had fun with it...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreamy Decorations

Georgia from New Richmond sent in this dreamy description of the summer transformation at the library:

"We decided to decorate using a dreamy nighttime theme this summer. Decorating for the summer program can be challenging, depending on the theme. When I heard the "Dream Big" theme it just took me to the dreamy night idea, possibly because I seem to be tired most of the time anyway! So we ordered gossamer (love that word) in Indigo (love that word,too) from Stumps Party Supply and draped it as a night sky. We added some moons and stars, a few twinkle lights, some puffy clouds, and the scene was set. When children came down the hallway to the Children's Room they were ooooing and ahhhing and we knew we had accomplished our mission.

When the reading program is over we can pack everything away and repurpose it for another program.

Sweet dreams."

(Note:  Georgia said the summer has been unusually great with lots of interactions with kids in the stacks.  I wonder if the calmer, dreamier atmosphere helped?)