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Friday, August 3, 2012

Decorating Ladysmith

Thanks to rookie Kris Farley, the new youth services librarian in Ladysmith, there was a whole lot of creating going on in Ladysmith this summer!  The town is much more attractive because of it, I'm sure, and folks turned out in record numbers to participate in programs and reading.  Yippeee!!  Here are some highlights:

Hard to go wrong with sidewalk art!

Chalk can be used indoors, too!  Solar systems with chalk and glitter.

Kids had fun customizing picture frames and then posing with a special object

The Bat Lady inspired some bat-house making!

Followed by bat-bean-bag

And bat snacks!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Highlights in Hawkins

The population in Hawkins, WI:  302, give or take a few.
The number of kids involved in the summer library program:  51


"Keeping children reading over the summer and having fun while doing it, is always the main focus. Having the library filled with giggling children, smiling parents and eager faces waiting to check out books is this Librarian’s favorite part. I am so grateful to the wonderful volunteers that give of their time to help and to the parents, grandparents and caregivers that bring their children to the library each week.  " says Arlene Mabie, library director (and everything else). 

So, maybe it is Arlene's wonderful, generous, and grateful attitude.  Or maybe it is just because they know how to have fun:

Catch a falling star!  Parachute fun

Some things never go out of style:  egg and spoon races

Ozseeker the Clown at the kick-off