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Friday, March 30, 2012

April is the Month of the Military Child

Being a military kid isn't easy, and the Operation: Military Kids effort in Wisconsin is trying to reach out to libraries to collaborate to provide more resources to kids. It would be a great time to do a program or a display aimed at kids who are affected by a loved one's deployment.

Operation: Military Kids has come up with a collection of books (see list below) that could be useful for children of varying ages in varying situations. If your library is interested in receiving a copy of these books, you can send a note with a description of what you plan to do (a special program, a display, or something else) to our new state consultant, Tessa Schmidt (tessa.schmidt @ dpi.wi.gov). You might get one of four sets of books (see list below).

At the Summer Library Program Workshop, Krissa from the Roberts Public Library told us about a project her 4-H club is pursuing. They are making polar fleece blankets to send to service people. They have a lofty gola and would love to have help making the blankets. Directions:

  • 1 1/2 - 2 yards of fleece
  • Cut a 5" x 5" square in each corner
  • Cut 1.5" x 5" strips all around
  • For a single blanket: tie a single knot on each cut--not too tight!
  • For a double blanket: tie top and bottom together--not too tight!

If you decide to do this as a project this summer (or this month), contact Leah (langby @ ifls.lib.wi.us) for information on where to send them.

Operation: Military Kids Reading Collection

Birth through Kindergarten

**Brisson , P. (2011). Sometimes We Were Brave

**Bunting, E. 2005. My Red Balloon

**Demarest, C. 2005. Alpha Bravo Charlie.

**Holland, T. & C. Ford. 2006. The Soldiers’ Night before Christmas.

**McBride, S (2008). My Mommy Wears Combat Boots

**Parr, T. (2005). Feelings Book

**Pyne, G. Lulu's Rose Colored Glasses

**Redman, M. (2008). The Wishing Tree

**Spelman, C. M. (2003). When I Feel Good About Myself

**Taback, S. (2007). I Miss You Everyday

**Ziefert, H. (2007). When Daddy Travels

**Ziefert, H. (2007). When Mommy Travels

Grades 1 – 4

**dePaola, T. (2007). Why? The War Years

**Ehrmantraut, B. (2005). Night Catch

**Gantos, J. (2003). Jack A Drift: Frouth Grade Without a Clue (Jack Henry)

**Greive, B.T. (2005). The Blue Day Book for Kids: A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up

**Hoff, S. 1993. Captain Cat

**Ingram, L. & Lee, M. (2008). That's My Hope: Featuring a Gallery of Multi-generational Artwork

**Lee, M. (2005). The Hero In My Pocket

**Madison, A. (2008). 100 Days and 99 Nights

**Marsh, C. (2003). Someone I Love Went Off to War…What Do I Do Now

**McElroy, L. 2005. Love, Lizzie: Letters to a Military Mom.

**Norman, G. (2009). Stars Above Us

**Pelton, M.L. 2004. When Dad’s at Sea

**Penn, A. 1993. The Kissing Hand.

**Testa, M. (2003). Almost Forever

**Wilson, K. (2007). How to Bake an American Pie

**Woodson, J. (2004). Coming on Home Soon

Grades 5 – 8

**Ellis, D. (2008). Off to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children

**Franklin, K. L., (1999). Dove Song

**Hannigan, K. 2004. Ida B:--and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster,and (Possibly) Save the World.

**Mochizuki, K. 1995. Heroes.

**Mead, A. 1999. Soldier Mom

**Peck, R. 2007. On the Wings of Heroes.

**Skeers, L. 2007. The Impossible Patriotism Project.

**Sullivan, J. L. (2007). Annie’s War

**Wolf, V., E. (1999). Bat 6

**Voigt, C. 1986. Dicey’s Song.

Grades 9 – 12

**Conroy, P. (1976). The Great Santini

**Ellis, D. 2003. Mud City.

**Ellis, D. 2002. Parvanna’s Journey.

**Myers, W., D. (2008). Sunrise Over Fallujah

**Paulsen, G. (1998). Soldier’s Heart

**Rottman, S. L. (2009). Out of the Blue

**Sherman, M. & Sherman, D., My Story