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Friday, December 21, 2012

Unexpected Journeys

hobbitfeet From Exploring Tolkien’s Symbolic Language to Making Furry Feet, Teachers and Librarians Gear up for ‘The Hobbit’
Hobbit feet in Prescott

Becky Arenivar of the Prescott Public Library and Jessi Peterson at the public library in Eau Claire were on the same wavelength last week, planning events to celebrate the Hobbit.  They are so organized that their parties coincided with the hype about the opening of the movie version of this classic book.  But, as Jessi points out, there'll be two more movie installments--plus September 22nd is Hobbit Day, Bilbo and Frodo's birthday, so that would be a fun time for other libraries to do something similar.
Shooting Mirkwood Spiders (with marshmallows) in Eau Claire

Becky was actually interviewed by School Library Journal about her Middle Earth Faire for an article on Hobbit events.  
Photo: Had so much fun at the Middle Earth Faire last Saturday, but it's time to move on.  The next new thing at the library is our Giving Tree fundraiser.  We're taking donations (in any amount!) towards renewing our subscription to USA Today.  The Giving Tree fundraiser allows us to provide resources (e.g., a national newspaper) that our budget just doesn't have room for.  Donation details are on our website and at the library.  When you donate, you get a snowflake to add to our Snowy Day display.  Let's make a real snowstorm with donor's snowflakes!
Pin the beard on Gandolf in Prescott       
The program in Eau Claire unfortunately coincided with a giant snowstorm, but the people who attended had a great time, and played for a long time.  They had stations where folks could write their name in Elvish, a hobbit name generator, a rune translating activity, One Ring origami, Zentangle Smaug scale decorating, 13 Dwarves Ninepins, and a "smoke-ring"  bubble blowing challenge. The biggest hit was the Mirkwood Spider Shot,where they used marshmallow shooters to try hitting spiders dangling from the ceiling.  

Rune translation in Eau Claire  


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