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Monday, September 24, 2012

Things Is Quiet....Too Quiet...

You may have noticed a considerable drop-off in the number of blog posts recently.  Maybe you are heaving a sigh of relief at having a lessened load, but if you are missing hearing about what each other is doing or wanting more tidbits about goings-on in the wider library world, I apologize!

It's been a busy month.

More to the point, I am short on content to post--I'm sure there is stuff out there, but I'm feeling a little tapped out.  I sure could use some suggestions!

Did you recently make a change in your room?  Attend a really cool workshop?  Make a great connection?  Get a fabulous donation?  Hold a really fun program?  Survive a disastrous program or event?  Alert me to it, and I will do a little post about it!   If I send you a query based on a Facebook post, write back to me....please?

And anyone who wants to be a part of the Meet a Librarian series:  I'm looking for more volunteers. 

 langby @ ifls.lib.wi.us

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