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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Performer Raves

Rave reviews from Plum City and Pepin for Dino from Nature's Niche:

Christy says:  "Dino, from Nature's Niche provided an educational and fun program on the benefits of the rainforest and the importance of protecting it.  To help illustrate his information he brought many Creature Teachers, including a 100 pound albino python.  Seven children are hardly enough to hold the entire snake.  Other animals who were there for viewing an touching were: hissing cockroaches, a tarantula, a South American opossom, a coatimundi, an alligator, and three very colorful tropical birds." 

And despite a casualty, Jacquie had great things to say:
"He was wonderful and did not get upset when the kids became boisterous.  He provided a great deal of information while keeping the kids interested.  Our casualty of the night was I Got Two Dogs by John Lithgow.  Dino told us that the birds' beaks are very sharp and strong.  By the end of the night we saw why.  One of the birds--I thought it was the blue macaw, my pages thought it was the cockatoo-- felt we put them by John Lithgow's book for their own enjoyment.  The bird proceeded to sheer off about 1/3 of the binding, down to the core.  Outside of that, it was an excellent show and program."

 Here's how the book looked after the bird had fun with it...


  1. We had Dino at our library in Elkhorn and he is AWESOME. We had around 200 people and he was great about the chaos and the kids and parents loved the program. He said he can put together an underground program next year and we can't wait!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer! Glad to hear he was a success in your neck of the woods, too.