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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hooray for Performers!

Nancy Reidner at the Rusk County Library in Ladysmith was very pleased with two of her performers this summer:

Mark Helpsmeet, international folk dance teacher from Eau Claire, "taught all of us some fabulous moves in folk dancing, everyone had a blast, he even got reluctant dads to join the fun." (Leah's note): I've danced with Mark before, and I can completely imagine his infectious enthusiasm working its magic with a group of reluctant dads!

And Nancy had more great things to say about the Halbrooks--these magicians from the Minnesota area have had consistent rave reviews from every library who has had them! (I tried to get them to come to the Performer Showcase on September 22, but they are not available).

Shelly Collins Fuerbringer from Eau Claire seconded earlier enthusiastic recommendations of The Okee Dokee Brothers, saying: "The Okee Dokee Brothers were here and they were fantastic! Thank you to Georgia for recommending them! They were really easy to work with - very flexible and laid back. They've only been at this a few years, but they really "get" the kids and what appeals to them. Had a lot of audience participation - love the grandma in the back jumping up and down with her grandkids! I had more positive comments from both kids and adults after this show than I've had on any performer all summer. I would have them back in a heartbeat."

Enthusiastic recommendations from others is a great way to find performers. Another is to check out our Performer Showcase, coming up in Eau Claire on September 22! Mark your calendars now and watch for more information.

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  1. We had Mark a few years ago. We didn't have many attend the program, but EVERYONE (moms, dads, a grandfather, kids) ALL danced! Great fun!
    -fall creek