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Friday, December 3, 2010

Guys Read in Bloomer

This in from Brendan, youth services librarian at Bloomer:

At the Bloomer Public Library, I’ve started up a little program called GUYS READ. It’s based on the “movement” of the same name started by popular kids’ author Jon Scieska. The idea behind the initiative is that boys lose interest in reading at a certain age, but if they’re actively encouraged to read, boys can become lifelong book lovers.

Based on my own observations, I agree. We usually have to pry our elementary and middle-school aged boys away from the computers or board games, but if I suggest a book they at least have a look at it. So far, the response to the club has been good, with 8 or so guys participating and reading 2 books so far.

Their excitement for the club is based mostly on whether or not they like the current book. I started with The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt (since he visited the area for the Chippewa Valley Book Festival) and got a lukewarm response. The Invention of Hugo Cabret was a much bigger hit. They loved reading it and had a lively discussion for almost 45 minutes.

We are taking a break for the holidays but will be starting back up in January. I hope my next selection is as popular as the last one! If anyone has any suggestions for a group of boys in 3rd-7th grade (quite a challenge, I know…) I’d be happy to take them!

Brendan gives the kids time for free-reading and they are experimenting with writing and drawing prompts. Both the boys and Brendan have big ideas for what's to come, so watch for more from Bloomer!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Policies are the Best Policy

Well, I'm not sure I completely agree with that, but library policies are extremely helpful in guiding staff and creating consistency. This came up several times last month at the Youth Services Idea Swap about working with parents and caregivers.

Several libraries sent me their internet and unattended children policies. I've posted them on our website, and you might want to take a look and see how yours stacks up.

If you want to share yours, too, send it along!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saying Cheese with Style in Ellsworth

What a cool way to celebrate Say Cheese Day! Check out what they did in Ellsworth!

(the following is an excerpt from an article in the newspaper):

"What better way to highlight our library and Say Cheese in Ellsworth than by having kids create cheese sculptures using our very own Ellsworth cheese curds! As a start to our program, we introduced the book Oggie Cooder to the attendees -- a book about a unique young boy who “charves” cheese into the shapes of states. (Charving is cheese carving!) After reading an excerpt introducing the kids to Oggie’s creative talent, they were then challenged to create their own art. Our group was a very imaginative one, coming up with many different ways to use slices of cheese, cheese curds, and toothpicks. At the end of the event, each child received their very own copy of the book to take home."

To see what other libraries did, take a look at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/wisconsinlibraries/