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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prescott Duct Tape Program Sticks Out

From Becky Arenivar at Prescott, a how-to-do-it success story!Fifteen teens attend the Prescott Public Library's Duct Tape Unrolled event. Teens could choose 3 items from a possible six to make, starting with easy items like bookmarks and jewelry and moving to the most difficult, the duct tape wallet and cell phone caddy. We had tie-dye duct tape, neon duct tape and a black fleur-de-lis on white background duct tape, along with plain old gray and black.

A few teen helpers came early to learn how to make the things, then demonstrated for the teen attendees. We got instructions from books* and from instructables.com. Our teen shelver took charge of the wallet activity. We've found in previous craft activities, that written instructions often get ignored, so we didn't bother with any this time. It saved me lots of prep time and worked well. Most of the activities are pretty easy to figure out from a sample. The wallet, cell phone caddy and roses were the only ones that really needed to be taught. It also helps that our attendees didn't seem to be perfectionists about their duct tape creations. The highlight of the event were the number of boys who attended - 5! We've also noticed that some of them are using their wallets!!!

*Books: Stick It!: 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects by Teresa Bonaddio, Got Tape? by Ellie Schiedermayer, and Ductigami: the Art of the Tape by Joe Wilson.