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Friday, August 20, 2010

High Points, Low Points

Okay, so today was the Youth Services Idea Swap in Prescott. Wow, it is amazing when 10 committed and interesting people get together to talk about what works in their library, and what they are struggling with! Look for some detailed reports, coming up.

In the meantime, we collected information from people about favorite and hardest parts of the summer in a previous blog post and got some great answers.

On the favorites end, we got LOTS of happy comments about performers, programs, new teen programs, and increased participation. Oh, and some good gardens. And a new library that is making people's jaws drop. On the not-so-fun end, we heard about heat, humidity, unruly daycare groups, low participation rates at tween programs, and more about heat and humidity.

What did you like best this summer? What was hardest for you?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Super Summer Program Round-up: Pokemon!

In Chippewa Falls, they had an easy, fun program that librarians and kids alike would be happy to repeat. This just in from Colleen:

One our best programs this summer was our 'Pokemon Summer Academy' that we held for kids in 2nd -7th grades. Kids played an ice breaker game where they had to guess which legendary Pokemon character they had on their nametag. We served pizza and played some paper-based games based on their knowledge of Pokemon characters. Kids looked at each others' cards, and some even traded some cards. Other kids brought their DS machine to battle each other and show off their favorite games.

Often the program seemed to be running itself. It was just a happy bunch of kids speaking the same language and having fun.The biggest hit was was that we had the Wii game Pokemon Battle Revolution and kids connected their DS's to the Wii so they could battle each other. Those who didn't have a DS played on a team. While kids waited for their turn to play, some kids decorated 'Pokeball' cupcakes using a variety of colored frostings & decorations. Many kids asked when we would be doing this again. Definitely would do again!