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Friday, July 16, 2010


Do you ever look for ways to get feedback from kids and parents about your programs? Who wants to interrupt the flow of a fun program with a boring survey?

Becky Arenivar, programming librarian at the Prescott Public Library, has come up with a fun way to document how people react to the program or brainstorm about future programs, and she's used it at teen programs to great effect. Here's the trick: put out a big sheet of white paper and some markers, and ask people as they arrive to take time during and after the program to write a comment or two (or a suggestion for another program). This has worked well, and I can't say I'm surprised! Who can resist markers and big sheets of paper??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Balsam Lake Teens Create Their Space

In Balsam Lake, Tricia Olson has been working with a small but dedicated group of teens. They helped her weed the collection, leaving room for face-out shelving, and they splatter-painted the section of the wall that houses the teen area. They even got to paint a few ceiling tiles:
What are you doing in your teen area? How are you involving teens? Please comment, or send Leah some photos and ideas to include in the blog!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Storytime Kit Reservations

Calling all IFLS librarians! Time to reserve your storytime kits for fall already! Can you believe it??
If you would like to reserve story kits for this fall, please send a note about what you would like and when you'd like it to Cheri Case at case@ifls.lib.wi.us. If you aren't particular about specific dates, you might have more luck.

For a full list of story kits and their contents, see our Story Kits web page. If you have questions about the kits, contact Leah (langby@ifls.lib.wi.us) or Cheri (case@ifls.lib.wi.us).

Monday, July 12, 2010

Protecting the Waterways

In Fall Creek, children's librarian Jenna Gilles had an absolutely fabulous idea! Wow! What better way to celebrate the Summer Library Program's theme of water than to help protect it?? Check out this news release, and contact Jenna if you want some ideas about how to implement this in your own community!

Fall Creek Public Library is teaming up with local organizations and community members to promote the health of local waterways. On August 21, 2010, 9:45AM, Fall Creek Library will stencil “Drains to River – do not dump” above Fall Creek’s storm drains. This project is volunteer-based--anyone over the age of 10 can sign up at the library. A potluck will follow clean-up.

This project will encourage community members and visitors to take a closer look at waterways, streets, and pollution. Many people do not realize that everything that flows down the drains goes to local waterways. Leaves, grass clippings, lawn chemicals, animal feces, oil, refuse from carwashes, trash and cigarette butts are most likely to end up in waterways via storm drains. This community-wide project promotes the “act local, think global” philosophy, including the pollution of waterways. Everyone has the power to make positive changes, one little storm drain at a time!

Volunteers are needed to spray paint the drains, clean up, be group leaders, and safety leaders. If you are unavailable August 21, you can still help! Donations are requested for garbage bags, rags, duct tape, spray paint, and safety mouth/nose masks. Volunteers are needed to place door hangers one week before the stenciling, pass around handouts to friends and family, and to post signs around town.

Contact coordinator Jenna Gilles at 715.877.3334 or jgilles@ifls.lib.wi.us for more information or to volunteer. Volunteers under age 18 are required to have a permission slip signed. All participants are required to sign a safety and responsibility form. Upon request, the library will provide an official recognition letter for volunteers’ schools or businesses. Inclement weather date is August 28. This event is a culmination of a summer reading program with the theme Make a Splash @ Your Library!