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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jump, Dance and Sing!

Chippewa Falls Public Library collaborated with RiverSource Family Center to host a fabulous Jump, Dance & Sing party at the Heyde Center.

70 children ages birth-five (plus older siblings) enjoyed singing with Anita Wahl, a local musician and teacher. Large group activities were followed by smaller stations: puppets and music, parachute activities, twirling ribbons, and Lummi sticks, egg shakers and scarves. The library borrowed IFLS’s Large Motor Kit #3 for this.

Here’s what Colleen, children’s librarian, had to say:

Thanks to that Idea Swap at the Eau Claire Public library earlier this year, we were able to incorporate some of the good ideas that were discussed that day. In particular kids, liked "I had a Chicken" song by Laurie Berkner with the shaker eggs from the IFLS kit. Even though it was a little long, it was a lot of fun
shaking the eggs fast & slow. By the time the 4th group got to us the kids
looked really tired. They only had 10 minutes at each station, but with all the
activities and running around, we bet that many of them probably fell asleep on
the way home. By the time it was over we had all decided that we had done our
exercise for the day. But we can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lemons into Lemonade

In the Making Lemons Into Lemonade Category: Hudson Public Library has been closed for the summer so far, getting ready to open in their new location.
Not a great situation, especially for those summer readers, right? But Mary and Carol managed to work closely with the school this year, and got their library's reading record and schedule posted on the school's website this year.
Even better, the library is doing programming at the local assisted living center. Mary says she chose it because it has the biggest room, but the residents are very excited about attending the programs! Based on their developing relationship, the activity director at the center is looking forward to bringing a group of residents over for a library tour once it is open. I've often thought that programming for children/seniors together would be a wonderful fit, and it is exciting to see it happening right here in our system! Way to go, Hudson!

Pertinent Posts

Well, this blog has been tagged in a Pertinent Posts blog post by the inimitable Marge Loch-Wauters in her Tiny Tips for Library Fun. What an honor!

Part of the deal is that I'm supposed to name my most pertinent blogs, too. Oh dear. The pressure! I'm not a huge reader-of-blogs, but there are a few I really love, all of them from good ol' Wisconsin.

Tiny Tips for Library Fun, Marge's blog, is full of fun ideas, interesting things to think about, and, not surprisingly if you've met Marge, plenty of humor and enthusiasm.

Come Into Delight, our own Georgia Jones' blog, which is full of great stories, amazing photos, and inspiring ideas. One of her most recent posts is about making shoes out of water bottles...Need I say more??

YSS Events, News and Info, the blog for the Youth Services Section of the Wisconsin Library Association, has WLA information, but also ideas and links that are relevant to any practicing youth services librarian.
And for blogs aimed at patrons, we have a few in our system--does anyone else have one?
Colfax talks about programs, shares photographs, book reviews, and lists of books staff is reading.
Bloomer talks about programs and book suggestions and the library ducklings on their kids blog.
How about you? Do you have a blog??

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Trailers

A recent list-serv post directed me to this book trailer about a new collection of funny stories, edited by Jon Scieszka. It reminded me of some of the cool things Colleen, the teen librarian at the Menomonie Public Library, is doing with book trailers...She uses them during school visits to add variety to her book talks. She posts them on her website.

Some libraries, and even YALSA (ALA's Young Adult Library Services Association), have had contests for teens to make their own trailers, which seems like a pretty cool idea! If you are interested in doing this in your community, there are step-by-step instructions on ehow. And remember that public libraries now have access to hundreds of copyright-free music clips on Soundzabound:

To use Soundzabound, go to:
http://www.badgerlink.net/ and click on
“Soundzabound” under “ECB VideoLink” OR
http://www.ecb.org/ and click on “ECB VideoLink”

If your school or library would like a direct link to post on a
website, that link is http://www.wiscat.net/homepages/CustomerWide/ValidateGlobalIP.asp?cuid=stwi&lid=stwi&dataid=1072&term=

What are you doing in this area?? Share some thoughts!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shark Hats and Other Fun

Kids in Boyceville had a lot of fun with their shark hats (directions are on page 120 of your SLP manual), especially once all the tricky cutting and folding was done!

And check out the super-cool decorations, created by 14 teen volunteers (wow! 14 teen volunteers in a town the size of Boyceville is pretty awesome!):
Love those jelly-fish! Here's a close-up of the mer-people (I want my picture taken!):
And finally, look at the window decorations:

Please send in your photos and ideas to langby@ifls.lib.wi.us. This is a great place to share!