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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mockingjay Hits Menomonie

Colleen from Menomonie reported a crowd of 21 teens whose parents were willing to drop them off at the library for a Mockingjay release party (more were wishing they could come, and an on-duty police officer who stopped by to pick up a copy of the book for his kid).

  • Teens predicted the ending--the one who is closest will win a mockingjay pin t-shirt.

  • Peeta, Gale and Katniss teams created banners to display in the library

  • Two district teams answered trivia questions and the winning team got to make a trip to the cornucopia which was filled with a bunch of donated stuff. There was a tie and the breaker was one member from each team was chosen to shoot (with a disc shooter) the apple in the pigs mouth (obviously a picture).

  • Colleen read the last chapter of Catching Fire before midnight, when the local bookseller sold the books.

How is the Hunger Games trilogy going over in your neck of the woods? What kind of discussion is it encouraging? (Please comment).

My daughter and I broke down went halvsies on it last week--I was 249th on the list. She gobbled it up this weekend, but I'm being disciplined and coming to work instead of reading it...

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