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Monday, July 26, 2010

Bring on the Performers

I get all sorts of reports from librarians about performers. Mostly, I hear great things (Fabulous, Most fun ever, Record crowds). Sometimes, I hear distressing things (They showed up late! They forgot to tell us what equipment they needed!).

There are some wonderfully talented performers in the area. Georgia Jones was excited about the Okee Dokee Brothers: "Make sure you pass along the word on these terrific new performers out of the Twin Cities. They perform children’s/family music as the Okee Dokee Brothers and are also part of a Bluegrass band for adult audiences. I purchased a CD and they gave me another so the music will be in the system. So much fun!"
What have been your favorite performers this year? Add a comment, or send pictures (as an attachment to an email) and I will post them. I'm trying to imagine a way for you all to share concerns about performers and check with each other about them--if you have ideas on that, please let me know!

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